Playgrounds Festival 2015 – Day 3

by Maurice Vinken /

by Maurice Vinken /

White Noise Lab (US)

Roger Lima, sound designer and initiator of White Noise Lab, and creator of the music of the Open Titles of this year’s Playgrounds Festival, shows the best of his portfolio. From commercial to personal projects, from the sound design of short films to that of experimental ones. He especially casts a light on his project “Specialized Beats”, a personal project inspired by a bike to make any kind of sound and mix it into an interesting composition. He later used this idea to design a very creative advertisement playing with the parts of a car. This is a perfect example of how creativity can be fed by personal, artistic, and non-commercial works. He finishes his talk with the statement: “Sound design is also music”. With this phrase he shows the passion that he puts into his work, and how this passion is reflected on to his projects.

Vincent Lammers (NL)

Vincent Lammers – designer, illustrator and animation director – mainly talks about his experience as an intern at Buck (creative agency based in the USA), and later as an animation director at The Ambassadors. He explains his work for Mona, a stop-motion animation currently screened on Dutch broadcasting channels. What struck me in this project were the character design and the timing of the animation. The stage and background are inspired by a traditional Dutch house, which serves to create a connection with the public to which the advertisement refers. Vincent also suggests that sometimes it is necessary to take a break during the workflow, in order to see everything from a fresh perspective. Among his suggestions: taking a walk, talking to someone, or most of all, start smoking!


20151106_Playgrounds_LR_069_9827The afternoon program started with Bradley G. Munkowitz, or GMUNK. In his two hour long presentation, the San Francisco based artist entertained the audience by alternating irreverent gifs with inspiring advice for young creative professionals. GMUNK has worked in the visual communication field, creating commercials, graphic design, artistic installations, music videos, and a lots of other visual projects. What really transpires from his work is his strong experimental attitude that allows him to boldly experiment with light, geometry, technology, and music. One of his obsessions, he explained, is to recreate the things he sees while high on drugs: optical illusions, colored geometries, ‘trippy’ images that constantly move and change, impossible figures. And creating these things makes the creative work fun, it’s what keeps your brain awake, what allows you to constantly evolve. His talk and his work prove exactly this point: being creative, as GMUNK explains, is about always trying to enjoy what you’re doing. And if your work doesn’t satisfy you, create something on your own, even something ‘meaningless’, because eventually that is the work that’s going to attract the attention of clients. Furthermore, constantly experimenting is going to help you step out of your comfort zone, and grow from a professional and artistic point of view.


Animation and VFX studio MPC show us mainly the process to create the advertisement for IKEA ‘Fly Robot Fly’. Their talk goes into the details of the production process: from the inspiration and creating the concept, to more technical issues, explaining what it’s like to deal with artists and producers to pitch the project. From general topics like costume design and background integration, to very specific ones like the composition in Nuke, or the rendering of the clouds with Turbulence FD in Cinema 4D, we get a glimpse of what went on at the background of such a production. MPC also took time to explain how the collaboration with the concept artist was, explaining the process of making changes until they get exactly what they think is necessary for each project.

Last but not the least the Closing Party hosted by The Ambassadors took place, where everyone could relax and chill a bit after a packed program full of inspiration. Some of us interviewed the guests of the festival briefly, but mostly people were enjoying a beer and getting into the DJ set.

Even after the festival ended, the spirit of the festival remained with us, reminding us to create work you want to do and believe in, staying true to who you are.


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