Playgrounds Festival 2015 – Day 1

Playgrounds offers different perspectives on the creative world, and shows how creative minds approach different kinds of projects. Set in two different locations – Chassé Theatre in Breda (day 1) and Stadsschouwburg Theatre in Amsterdam (day 2 and 3) – , the artist talks provided some interesting food for thought.

by Maurice Vinken /

by Maurice Vinken /


Aaron Duffy is a director and creator. His talk was one of the most captivating of the festival, challenging the bad image advertising has by showing that creativity is possible in this context. He revealed the thought process behind his successful commercials for Audi and Google and shared some of his earliest projects with the crowd, before becoming a famous director. He made it clear that in order to produce a memorable piece one doesn’t need a big budget or sophisticated software – it’s mainly about the idea.


Emmanuelle is an illustrator and animator, originally from Canada. She studied animation at Gobelins in France and then moved to London to get more professional experience. In her talk she shared the change her work has been going throughout the years as a professional illustrator and animator with the audience. Emmanuelle showed her personal colorful illustrations that were published in books, as well as commissioned work as an animator and illustrator. One of the highlights of the talk was Emmanuelle presenting in a humoristic way the process of character design and the never ending correspondence with the clients who constantly demand changes. It was inspiring to see her professional attitude and skill to adjust to the client’s needs without losing her own style.

by Maurice Vinken /

by Maurice Vinken /


The talk of PIPS:Lab during the festival was closer to a performance that to an actual talk. Presenting their project Diespace, Thijs de Wit, one of the creators of the collective, staged an interactive theatrical experience in which the audience could leave its signature on the big screen. Before entering the Chassé Theatre each person was given a small light. Thanks to three camera’s placed in front of the audience, the audience itself became the main protagonist of the performance. With the light they were given, each person had to write his own birth date, name and surname in the air. This data was then collected by the camera’s and transmitted to a computer, so that for each position there was a corresponding name and birthdate. And at the end of the performance, the data was shown on the big screen, for an entertaining, engaging finale. Diespace is presented as a metaphor of the afterlife, an imaginary space populated by information about the audience.

Apart from their live performance, the work of PIPS:Lab is interesting also for the approach they have towards technology. Among the inventions of Keez Duyves (one of the members of the group) is a motion capture studio with photosensitive instruments that allow the user to paint in 3D, turning the real world into a 3D canvas. The results are live painted digital images that amaze and add a level of complexity to reality. And all this while having fun!

ILM / Jorik Dozy

Jorik is a visual effects artists that works at ILM. He participated in the making of legendary films such as The Avengers, Jurassic Park and more. In his talk he gave us the opportunity to see what’s behind the visual effects of such a production: how the scene is being planned and filmed and how it’s being aligned with the work of the animators and visual effects artists. He showed the tricks that are used to make life easier for the animators and for the actors as well. Since Jorik is part of a team, his part in creating the movie is very specific, opposed to animators working independently. It was interesting to hear from an animator that works in a team. Also it was inspiring to hear about his travels while pursuing his career as an animator. He noted that the film industry is no longer centered in California, but in London and Singapore. He has been working in Singapore on a project for the last couple of months and he’s currently in the process of creating his first personal film.

by Maurice Vinken /

by Maurice Vinken /

After a long and rewarding day full of information and talks in Chassé Theater in Breda it was time to process it all with the music of Binkbeats. Binkbeats’ experimental music is based on loops that he records live using more than 50 different instruments. All the instruments are beautifully put together in an abstract installation that resembled a missile launch station more than a music show. The lighting and smoke from the theater contributed in creating a mysterious concert that closed the first day in a lovely way.


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