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Graduation countdown: Louis Hector

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As I was born in 1992, I grew up with all sorts of technologies and got interested in how they help and entertain the society in various ways. Within both my illustration bachelor and master of animation I continued researching the possibilities to prepare my illustrations and animations for both the educational and editorial fields of digital media.

I am inspired by the development of new media and enjoy seeing that my projects have a purpose within our society to be educative, interactive or entertaining. Within this master I prepared myself to contribute to the creation of digital media to be a pioneer, designer and/or developer.

My graduation project focuses on the 70% of Dutch scholars that struggle to find their dream job and the path to that job. Finding this is definitely not easy and I think the key is self- evaluation within the very first years of the secondary school. After researching the developments of Dutch education and educational digital media I created a promotional video of a mobile application using augmented reality to stimulate the student’s career orientation.

Interested in learning more about my projects and me? Don’t be shy to contact or follow me on my journey.




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