Graduation Countdown: The Stretched Now

Hi, my name is Barend Hendriks. I teach at Communication & Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. With a background in image and media technology and art education, I am very interested in the cross sections of visual arts, design and technology.

With the present emerging interest on creating experiences, I am exploring the potential of animation to create meaningful moments. I am researching how time and movement influence the perceptual experience.

For my graduation project I am experimenting with different installations aimed to challenge the audience. By making multiple works, I hope that the interrelation of the different installations will add to the overall meaning. For me it is important to make the audience aware of their own experience, and to find a way to make them feel responsible for their own perception. I think, the alternation of thinking and doing, reflecting and acting is where meaning-making starts. The focus on these specific moments creates a stretch of the ‘now’. During my explorations I use different media on a minimalistic way. I have noticed that this approach distracts from a specific content or technique and provides a better focus on the experience.DSCN3711
For me this master serves as a kick-start for further research. You can follow my process and development on my blog.


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