Graduation Countdown: Selen Kılınç


I’m Selen.

I studied graphic design and illustration at my previous education. By continuing to the master animation, I come one step closer to my dream which is about becoming a director who is able to tell stories in her own manner. This year I found an opportunity to focus on technical improvements as well as theoretical basis of both animation and the hero’s journey. I discovered the details of hero’s journey and archetypes, their usage and the importance of symbols. We humans as symbol creating creatures are responsive to subliminal messages. This aspect of our nature amazes me and guided me through my journey. I researched the relation between theory of animation, narrative structure and symbolism in order to understand how they are collaborating through the process of animation. Furthermore, I completed my research by considering the significant role of the audience.

My graduation project is based on monomyth, process of individuation. It is a story of a  girl who loses spheres from her body. Also these spheres represent her lost memories and cause holes on her body. She goes on a journey in her dream to solve her problem. The main theme is about becoming whole with the help of the unconscious. Because the unconscious is able to reveal our inner problems to us, especially with dreams. This is something that I want to emphasise with my story.

At the St. Joost Master I found the opportunity to develop my 2D animation skills. I worked with new software and organisation methods which are very beneficial and time saving. For the design, I focused on both coloured drawings and my personal illustration style which ink based B&W drawings. As a result, ordinary life is colourful and dream scape is B&W.


Background Designs
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 15.53.42
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 15.53.49
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 15.53.55
Character Design
Char design
Here’s is the link for my making of process: Final Animation Blog
And my personal website and contact:
Hope to see you at our EXHIBITION . 27.08.2015
Thank you!!

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