Graduation Countdown: URNDR

Hi, I’m Ten (H.Y. Tien). I’m going to talk about my graduation project “URNDR”.

At the beginning, I was thinking to do something like I did in the 1st period of the study – abstract & pure animation in the format of a short film. The initial workflow I took is to have script, storyboard and all kinds of pre-production materials ready. Then draw frame-by-frame animation over 3D animatic.

But then, during the development of the project I think that, as a animation project I spent too less time on actually animating. I love animating but I couldn’t care less about the preproduction. What if you actually don’t have to care about that and still enjoy animation? The idea of using 3D data in animatic directly to assist animating process came into my mind. Not much later I found myself developing a tool that enhance the experience of animating for the project. Which is a new thing to explore: on animating and on enjoying moving images.

I am amazed on the tangibility and playfulness I created with the prototype. The platform soon became the centre of the project. It is not only where you can create animation, but also a environment to actually experience animation.

During the workshop of Wouter van Reek. Wouter shared his feeling on animation, that is the problem of films is that the audience cannot share the feeling of drawing of the creator. What he wants is to share the experience of animating along with animation itself. I think this is a really good idea.

The name comes from the premise of “What if You Render?” You are not dependent on render engines to create animation (which is often the case of 3D techniques), but you are the one in charge of illustrating the image.

Here I am exploring the possibility to share, or recreate the experience of animation.



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Graphic design + interactive / motion projects.
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