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Graduation Countdown: Canine Remorse


I’m Tori and I would like to introduce you into my graduation project Canine Remorse and give you some insight of my current research.

I studied Animation & Game in Germany and after graduation I wanted to focus more on animation, to be even more precise, on animal movement, which does not only refer to animal animation, but also to the question how anthropomorphic an animal has to be and how animal movement can enhance a human character. That’s the reason why I moved to the Netherlands where I have the ability to focus on that topic and learn more about artistic approaches to animation and storytelling.

My research is about animal movement, and which degree of animal or rather human movement is needed for an animal character to communicate a message successfully. Therefore I’m also referring to the context: Does the audience know the animal’s behaviour? How complex is the message? What does the audience expect the animal to do?

In a similar way I am also approaching my animation project Canine Remorse. It’s a story about a dog that has to resist his longing for eating the steak of his mistress. In this project I want to portray a typical situation of an owner with their pet dog. The movie will be especially appealing to people who know and love dogs, so they can recognize their own experience with dogs. Therefore I can assume that the audience knows the animal’s behaviour very well and I am free to animate the dog in a quite naturalistic approach, since the audience will be able to read a dog’s way of communication.


For the designs I worked a lot with different styles, trying to find a unique and appealing appearance. I tried to play with the characters’ designs, making the dog quite big and intimidating while he is very loyal and submissive to his mistress. The mistress on the other hand is an exaggerated version of what I think dogs see humans as: A monkey-like creature with long limbs.

The project will be CGI animation and therefore be a special technical challenge, since I’m going to do the whole work process, from designing to rendering on my own. But I’m looking forward to having created my very own animated short.

If you are interested to see more of the process you can take a look at my blog.