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Book Trailer Project

The second period was about working for actual clients from the field of animation and beyond. One of the clients was Submarine Channel. The given project was about promoting a book in a dynamic way. Submarine Channel has already worked on various book trailer projects which translates significant parts of a book into motion as you can see on their website.

Generally for a book trailer an audience can scroll through the story which is similar to moving comic. The students decided to do something different: the main idea was to promote the book with a simple and funny online game which has a direct relation to situations from the book. For example, the coffee addiction of the main character is one of the issues in the book. In the book trailer this element is shown metaphorically both to give clues from the book and to entertain the audience. When a user clicks on the coffee cup, a character appears in the coffee cup and drowns.

The book in question is called “256 Seconds” and the title gave the students another idea: People can click the images infinitely, but in the end 256 seconds is the time limit. If you want to learn more, you should read the book!

One of the best parts of the project was that is has actually been taken into production. The project at first was fictitious for students, but the book was not. So the producer luckily loved the idea and execution, and this created a chance for students to produce the project and see their idea come to life.

Below are some images and a link to the final live result: BOEK 256 BLZ
You can also visit the blog for the making of and research process: Making of Blog


Closed Window

Open Window


Character Sketches