Graduation Countdown: Marieke Hollander

Marieke HollanderHi, Marieke Hollander here. After graduation on fine arts at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in 2007, I’ve worked for 7 years as radio director, video editor and web editor at Dutch public broadcasters RVU, NTR and VPRO.

Three years ago my brother Jan Hollander graduated on the bachelor of animation at AKV St. Joost. He enthused me to apply to the master of animation. I definitely could use some technical and substantial input to improve my development. Fortunately I was admitted.

This one year course catapults me sky high in every way. It has broaden my horizon and my network. I have been able to experiment with software and innovative applications.

AKV St. Joost owns two X-Sens motion capture suits. After seeing the motion capture based project of my classmate Jeroen Koffeman, my interest was triggered. I decided to use motion capture for my graduation project. My boyfriend Bootsy Paul is one of the best roller skate dancers of The Netherlands. My idea was to put him in one of the suits and capture his skate dance moves. The  first test was a little tense because of the risk of falling down (the suit is very expensive). But Paul can skate better than he can walk. After one morning of testing, we could continue for the real recording.

I’ve edited the mobcap data in 3D software Cinema 4d. It was quite a hassle because of all the jitter in the data. I wanted to keep the movement as pure as possible. It resulted in a five day’s session of removing wrong keyframes by hand.

Before I’ve started this project I didn’t have any experience with Cinema 4d. I’ve made a list of learning goals: editing motion capture data, collision and collision bodies, particles, how to make air, clouds and water, camera, simple modelling and shading. I’ve followed hundreds tutorials to get what I wanted.

The result is a short 3D animated road movie based on the eighties. Roller skate dancing was big during this decade. Therefore I used cues and style features from the eighties. For example the famous Memphis Movement. Geometrical shapes, bright colors, kitschy styling. I was born in 1980. I’ve utilized my memories of girl toy’s and children’s series (My Little Pony, Care Bears, Fraggles), the movie Labyrinth directed by Jim Henson. My parents owned a yacht in the eighties. Since my early childhood our family was spending a lot of time at sea.
The movement of the waves is etched in my memory. That is the reason why my film starts with waves wallowing over the screen.

You are all invited at our graduation show on Thursday 28th of august from 15.00 to 18.00 in Chasse Theater in Breda. Hope to see you there.

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OceaanSchermafbeelding 2014-08-05 om 09.00.53Danser totaal

Doolhof + wolken  Doolhof

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-10 om 11.20.26  Schermafbeelding 2014-08-14 om 16.28.35  Totaal harde vloer

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