Graduation countdown: Lisan Peters

In preparation of the upcoming Master Graduation Exposition in Chassé, each week one of the students will introduce themselves and their work.

Hi there! I am LisanLisan Peters Peters, a student from this years MA Animation course. In a few words I hope to give you an insight in my graduation project and how I got here. I studied Communication & Multimedia Design, which is quite a broad study. Luckily in my second year I came in touch with animation, and knew that this was the path I wanted to follow. But still, after I graduated I wanted to learn more of animation as a profession. That’s why I applied for this course.

And now for my graduation project, I decided to go for a technique that was completely new for me: hand drawn animation, or as you might say frame by frame animation. This was a great challenge, but since I wanted to improve my drawing skills I decided to go for it. I created a story around two characters, who soon became known as The Man and The Woman. Though the characters live in seperate worlds, they seem to be strangly connected to each other. I came up with the story thinking of all the things we might miss during the day, since we are not able to capture everything all the time. We might miss a little miracle that is happening right in front of us..

If you by any chance became a little curious about my project, you can watch the preview below. And of course I will also be presenting my animation at the exhibition on August 28, in Chasse.

If you are definitely a curious type, you may want to follow the making of process on my blog


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