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Graduates Show at Chassé in August

MA AN postcardWhile everyone is visiting the Bachelor Graduation Show this weekend, we are looking ahead to the Graduates Show of this years Master students. It will take place at Chassé in Breda from 28th -31th of August. So please save the dates in your schedules and keep an eye on this blog! The next few weeks the students will introduce themselves and their work to you.

See you all in August!


Visit to Brussels

visitbrusselsBefore summer (and crunch time!) starts we wanted to make one last trip together. Belgium is close by, and some very nice studios there are doing fantastic work. We visited Walking the Dog and Zorobabel.

‘Walking the Dog’ have just finished ‘Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart’, and are now working on a few smaller projects (for Belgian TV for instance). Production manager Kristof Lantin gave us some insights into the workings of the studio, like how co-productions function and how their freelance animators are like nomads going from one project to another.

Zorobabel just celebrated their 20th anniversary. William Henne showed us around at their new place.  He explained their way of working, a very independent approach to film making. We were particularly charmed by one of their latest productions, ‘Autour du Lac’ (one of our students, Tess Martin, screened it at Cinema Nova in April) and by their initiative l’Atelier Collectif, a kind of workshop set up surrounding a specific film project where everyone can walk in and animate: people work on it for a day, or maybe stay for two years. A very inspiring visit!

We thank both studios for having us!

One Minutes on tour in Shanghai

In the first phase of their study the students worked on a one minute film for The One Minutes. The animation by Lisan Peters, ‘Boing Doing Squeak Ping’, was selected to go on tour in Shanghai!

Boing doing squeak ping from Lisan Peters on Vimeo.

Watch the other one minute films at our Vimeo Channel.