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Master Animation @ International Film Festival Breda

During the International Film Festival Breda (March 23-27) the master animation students will be part of a special program on Friday the 25th of March at 19.00, Pathé Cinema.

Students of the Masters Course in PROFESSIONAL ANIMATION that started
this year at AKV|St.Joost, School of Fine Art and Design (Breda, The
Netherlands) will give you a divers view on the fast moving field of animation. In
a panel lead by René Bosma (associate director AKV|St.Joost) the
students will present some of their practical assignments on which
they worked the last half year and will give their vision on animation

Friday March 25th, 19.00, Pathé 4, Breda
Free admission

Check out the leader a group of the master students made for the festival!: