Visit to IFFR

The International Film Festival Rotterdam celebrated their 40th edition this year with an XL program spread out across 40 locations in the city.

Enjoying a nice day in the city (and dim sum at Tai Wu ;)) I visited a few locations:

In TENT some works of Martin Arnold were screened. His name also came up in the talk of Edwin Carels at the Holland Animation Film Festival and Carels is also curator of part of the program in Rotterdam. Typically Arnold creates a mash up from Disney movies. In a small sequence he plays with time, iconic meaning and creates a whole new experience of these well known images.

A similar thing happens in the work of Guillaume Paris at the Centrum Beeldende Kunst; loops of Disney scenes become these uncanny spaces. As if the characters left the scene after shooting…

At V2_ you could experience film in 3D in the palm of your hand. A number of artists were invited to created works for iPad, iPhone Touch, etc., you can see a few results on Youtube:

After we visited the Witte de With street and area around we crossed the Erasmus bridge to the venue of the overwelming installation 12_Series by Telco Systems. In a pitch black room 12 monitors and 12 speakers react to each other to create an audiovisual world on itself.

So a really diverse program, and a great way to explore the city!


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