Inspiration: Keita Takahashi

If I would have to describe the works of Game designer Keita Takashi in one word it would be: Carefree. Well known in the game industry for his controversial yet highlycontagious game designs like Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy.

“Takahashi has stated in numerous interviews that he had no desire for Katamari to be touted as innovative or creative – he simply set out to bring the concept of simple, silly fun back into video gaming.”

“The game for PlayStation 2 changed the life of this art college graduate. Since it saw the light of day in 2004, Katamari Damacy has gone on to become one of the biggest cult hits in the history of video games.

The premise behind it is simple. Roll a sticky ball in any direction and pick up all sorts of random bits and pieces to form a giant katamari – the bigger, the better.

And all this is wrapped in a world of vivid, psychedelic colours, against a soundtrack of cheesy Japanese pop and nonsensical dialogue “The idea is straightforward,” explained Mr Takahashi, “everyone can enjoy the game.” For him, the most important thing was to create a game that was fun. And it is hard not to smile as the cartoon graphics and sheer silliness of the game take over the screen.”

From the article Katamari creator dreams of playgrounds by Alfred Hermida for BBC News.



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